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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Vs Apple iPAD which one is Superior

By: Ravi Panjwani On: Wednesday, December 22, 2010
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  • The statement these days getting heating up is Samsung galaxy tab v/s  Apple Ipad- which 1 is superior ??

    APPLE iPAD Is representing APPLE & rather dominating in technology world as it showed its performance in ipods.

    On this hand there is SAMSUNG which is showing a monopoly response in android market and is heating up tech-category with its weapon SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB.

          1. (MULTIMEDIA)
                   Apple ipad offers a huge support & apple products while the samsung galaxy  tab not showing competitive response like apple ipad. Over & above at same price apple  ipad is available in double screen size.

                                                    iPAD wins

    2.        (WEB BROWSING)
           With respect to majority of carriers Samsung galaxy tab is comfortable for internet  use whereas apple ipad is a cheaper option for good looking, large screen Wi-Fi  option



    3.       (PERFORMANCE)
            Samsung Galaxy Tab is having a powerful camera feature of both cameras having   great clarity though it do not shows  up to battery life. Moreover very less application support.
           IPAD gives a nice opportunity for using a powerful camera & its wide range of applications including Face Time video chat, movies, TV shows through I tunes. Also the battery life shows exceeding expectations.

                                          iPAD wins

    4.        (OS) 
           The Tab has everything that iPad users want with dual cameras, memory expansion, and Flash support, even if it isn't perfect. All of Google's goodies, like voice commands and search, Google Maps with navigation, and access to key services 
    It lacks some of the hardware features Apps have to be specially developed for the iPad's large format

                                    galaxy wins

    5.           (user friendly)
               Android users won't have a problem, but the learning curve will be higher for new unfamiliar with the four touch-sensitive navigation buttons.
    IPAD  first-timers to pick up and handle right away. It doesn’t matters u r using it 1st time or not.
                     The iPad's rounded corners, black border, and minimalist controls. It's solid in the hand, but its blockiness makes it hard to pick up from a flat surface looks are odd & solid in  design such that u may feel shy to take it out in public
    (IPAD)ipad looks classy & its stylish design gives u a style icon image & makes a status symbol The iPad's thinness and large, sophisticated body add up to a   stunner

                                                iPAD wins

    Watching above comparison you only  decide that is the name galaxy that makes its way or is it the all time star apple which has its mace iPAD.....


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